Accountant at Large

Where does an accountant work?

Every company needs the services of an accountant, so this professional finds work in many different situations.

Great demand for accounting personnel comes from medium and large commercial , industrial and service companies , as well as from public bodies , which usually rely on an internal administrative-accounting department (regnskapsfører) . The job offers for accounting then come from consulting and accounting firms , which provide consulting and accounting management services to companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, individual professionals and individuals.

Furthermore, an accountant can develop his or her career as a freelancer , in their own studio or in an associated studio .

He often carries out his activity alongside other accounting professionals, such as accountants and auditors (auditors), and administrative area employees.

The work of the accountant takes place in traditional office hours . However, it may be necessary to work overtime at the close of the fiscal year, when many deadlines overlap and the pace of work becomes more intense.

Tasks and Tasks of the Accountant

The activities that the accountant carries out daily are:

Keep accounting records (double entry)
Manage accounting entries until the preparation of the financial statements
Manage payments and active and passive billing
Ensure the accuracy of accounting records
Manage the relationship with the banks (xledger)
Ensure the correct fulfillment of tax and fiscal regulations
Monitor compliance with deadlines and administrative procedures
Prepare periodic and annual tax returns on behalf of customers
Provide accounting advice
How to become an accountant? Training and Requirements
To become an accountant, training in accounting and financial statements , business economics and financial management is required, as well as in commercial, tax and fiscal legislation .

To enter the world of work a high school diploma from Accountant or Commercial Expert may suffice (Inkasso) . However, in job offers for accountants, candidates with a degree in business economics are increasingly preferred .

Those who work as accountants must also be prepared for a continuous updating of their knowledge, given the need to keep up with the changes in the regulations in force.

Depending on the laws in force in each country, it may be necessary to pass an exam to obtain the qualification to exercise the profession as an independent accountant and enroll in the professional register.